Cooking With Joy! (In the Good Ol’ Summertime)

by Charles on August 14, 2009

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Want to enjoy summer treats without the guilt?  We’ve found some great ones that are made with REAL FOOD.  Taste tested and enjoyed by the health-conscious (and hungry) team at Campaign for Real Health.


Have you been craving something “bad” this summer?  Ice cream, cookies, yummy treats that you wish could satisfy your sweet tooth but wouldn’t make you compromise your healthy and holistic lifestyle?  Here’s some ideas to curb those cravings without compromising your health and well-being.  There can even be actual nourishing qualities this food provides because of the wholesome “real” ingredients used – with a healthy dose of enjoyment to go along with it!

Of course, what would summer be without ice cream?  We were on a mission to find some healthy and tasty alternatives to the standards that are filled with chemicals and high in sugars and empty calories.  Of course, our first foray into this exploration last summer lead us to the raw, organic goodness of Tomberlies (see the original article at Rheo H. Blair: The Book).  The first ingredient is young thai coconut, which gives it some excellent high-quality fats, nutrition, and anti-microbial and -fungal properties.  The company also asserts that their product is hand-made in their own raw, organic kitchen, which is certainly a plus.  It’s an excellent product, even though the carb and sugar content is a bit higher than we would normally want to go (organic raw agave syrup is the sweetner as the third ingredient, but we can almost forgive the high numbers there with 18 grams of high quality fat and 5 grams of fiber).  It’s a nice occasional treat, but at almost $7 for a small (8 oz.) portion, we wanted to find other options.

We found another organic ice cream (though not raw) that was even more delicious and lower on the glycemic scale.  It is Coconut Bliss, also made with a primary base of coconut (using the milk and coconut oil), also sweetened with agave.  All the ingredients are organic and certified fair trade, and although the cost is comparable to Tomberlies (a few cents less, especially if you find it on sale), there is more quantity, so you’re getting more for your dollar.  Our favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip, and this one is very yummy – although they use chocolate with organic cane sugar, they assure the consumer that it is a very small amount (less than 2.5 grams per serving, according to their website FAQs).  Also, most of their flavors avoid ingredients that can cause common food allergies or sensitivities (Tomberlies uses cashews) and although they use “shared” equipment, their product is only run on specific days, and each flavor has its own individual day of production, before and after which the machinery is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

Of course, sometimes you just crave the real thing: ice CREAM, made with real dairy.  For those who want the real thing but not the unhealthy effects of popular ice creams out there made with refined sugars and chemicals, never fear!  We’ve found Clemmy’s Ice CreamMade with REAL cream and egg yolks, Clemmy’s is a sugar free version of real old fashioned ice cream. It uses Xylitol as a natural sugar substitute, an alternative that actually has beneficial properties (including anti-fungal).  Some people can have sensitivities to sugar alcohols (they can have a slightly laxative effect).  But for the truly carb-conscious (or diabetic), this is the best option, having only TWO net carbs per serving, and 16 grams of good quality dairy fat.  Unfortunately, it is not organic, but their quality standards are very high, and it also boasts that it is 99.7% lactose free.  It therefore is safe for many of the people who aren’t normally able to have ice cream.  Well, we sure love it and are happy to have found it!  Interestingly, Jon Gordon, founder of  Clemmy’s Ice Cream, responded to the call of John Mackey to initiate changes to Whole Foods (discussed in recent Campaign post) to encourage consumers to choose healthier alternatives to “junk.”  Gordon of Clemmy’s said in his press release, “I agree with John Mackey that people are generally hesitant at first to spend more money for healthier food, but once they start eating products that are better for them, they clearly feel and see the difference and then it becomes part of their lifestyle.”  Gordon has created his own initiative by cutting prices on his ice cream, which is still the least expensive of the rest, as you get the largest quantity (a full quart) for around $6.

Now, say you just want a nice cookie with a glass of cold (raw) milk… try Kookie Karma! Their hand-made, gluten-free, holistic cookies are truly nourishing and delicious, containing almond meal, organic coconut, organic brown rice protein, almond butter, chia seeds, and cocoa butter.  They are also sweetened with xylitol, making the next carb count as little as 8 grams (very low glycemic), with 8 grams of protein and 13 grams of fat, all from nutrient-dense wholesome ingredients.  In the “Holistic Chocolate Chip” and the “Holistic Choco Lot,” there is a little bit of actual sugar used in the chocolate chips, but there is also a “Holistic Carob Chip” option that does not mention the sugar at all in the ingredients, and contains the same ingredients otherwise.  There are other more fruity options, but those are much higher in sugar content (by nature of the fruits used and agave syrup being added).  Also, be aware that there is something called “Carob Truffle,” but it has an exponentially larger carb count, so again, always be conscious of what you are buying and look at the ingredients yourself before you buy. Even the same company can offer a wide variety of different products with different ingredients (as we also saw with the Turtle Mountain company and the Purely Decadent desserts).

Of course, if you’d rather make something on your own, a previous “Cooking With Joy!” post listed some options you can try to enjoy a sweet treat and beat the heat (including Kefir Sorbet and homemade Whipped Cream to top fresh fruit).  Hopefully we have given you some options about healthy alternatives to pleasures our sweet tooth may be craving this summer.  Feel free to enjoy your time and beat the heat with some nice cool and yummy options that are made with real food and won’t cost you your health in the process!  Live healthy and happy, and enjoy!

With love,
Lorraine Joy

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Marnie Mosiman August 14, 2009 at 7:01 pm

Wow! This is great Lorraine…I didn’t know you did this too. Brava!
Love, Marnie

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