Whole Foods Market STILL “Sells a Lot of Junk” But now they have discontinued a very popular real health food: RAW MILK!

by Charles on March 26, 2010

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Last summer I wrote here about WFM CEO John Mackey’s quickly famous words “we sell a lot of junk.” Since then, we have been waiting for the high-end natural foods store to clean up its act. We are still waiting. To this date, NOT GONE are the huge displays of candy when entering our local store (continues below…)

Also NOT GONE  is their sugar filled dessert bar, or the white flour pizza counter, or the prepared comfort foods many of which are made with canola oil (if YOU would like to know about the dangers of Canola oil, please read The Great Con-ola by Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enic, PhD).  And, very sadly, NOT GONE  is the enormous offering of alcoholic drinks. I could go on and on.

However, last week I noticed their display of organic grass fed sourced raw milk from the wonderful people at Organic Pastures was gone. This seemed strange. Then came this bit of news that WFM was pulling raw milk in four states. WFM talked of the need to develop raw milk “standards” with hints of bringing it back to the shelves in the near future..

All talk. It won’t happen. I was distressed to watch this video update to from Organic Pastures owner Mark McAfee (this a facebook link; sign on to view the video) in which he announced that he has been told by WFM that as a matter of corporate policy WFM will no longer stock raw milk in any of its stores in the U.S.  David Gumpert has the story here from which I quote:

“Forget all that talk about Whole Foods developing raw milk standards and bringing unpasteurized milk back to its stores in California, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Connecticut. Dairies in California and Pennsylvania were told today that the ban is indefinite, likely long term. “Whole Foods never intended on bringing raw milk back to the shelves in California or anyplace in the U.S.,” says Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy Co. “OPDC provided the $10 million in coverage requested and everything that anyone would want for food safety…Wholefoods is not putting raw milk back onto any shelves in the U.S. for the short term and foreseeable long term. No rational reason was given…We also were never given the Whole-Foods-team-developed enhanced national raw milk production safety standards that Whole Foods promised to us.” Read the rest.  And in an article on the same topic a week earlier David wrote: And you gotta love this. John Mackey, Whole Foods’ CEO, has a new article out on the “high trust organization.” No mention of all the trust created by staying with raw milk.”

Our family is fortunate to have a wonderful and rapidly growing natural foods store nearby named Mother’s Market which stocks a wide variety of Organic Pastures products and at prices far below what WFM ever offered. Example: Half gallon of whole raw milk at WFM (was) $9.99; at Mother’s Market (is) $6.99. And Mother’s Market, by the way, does not “sell a lot of junk.”

Arrivederci, Whole Foods. I will be sticking WITH raw milk and supporting ONLY the stores that offer it.

More information on raw milk:

My personal experience with the healing powers of raw milk is found here along with the work of a physician who used raw milk to HEAL disease.

ALSO see the following

Another person’s testimony of raw milk’s healing power.

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Natalie Rotunda March 29, 2010 at 4:20 pm

Is Whole Foods heading out of the organic food market? One wonders with news
like this. Thanks for the good info.

Natalie Rotunda
Organic Food Examiner

pjnoir April 29, 2010 at 9:03 pm

No display of Candy at our local (Philadelphia) in a state where it is easier to buy Raw Milk than most places) store but I have really curtailed my shopping there- they never have been friendly to diabetics and they love affair with canola oil was a real turn off. I don’t need them anymore. We have a great Farmers Market in Center city for Milk and I buy grass fed beef from a local farmer. whole foods was a major carb pusher for Grainaterians.

Fear the bread- NOT the BUTTER

jamie May 12, 2010 at 12:41 pm

This is why we are so unhealthy as a nation…when Whole Paycheck (which I like for some things) tells the world, through their actions, that raw milk is bad, everyone listens to them. Instead of the real research.

Michelle (Health Food Lover) May 14, 2010 at 12:19 am

It’s funny- considering whole foods is called ‘whole foods’ you would think they would be against selling products made with refined and poor quality ingredients. But I guess that shows whose running the company and what they’re values really are.

Here in Australia, we had our own version of “Whole Foods” which has now shutdown.
But I’m not sure whether they ever stocked raw milk (it’s sold as ‘bath milk’ here because it’s illegal in Australia to buy raw milk).

Though you can buy bath milk in certain health food shops here, except some places seem quite cautious to do so. Because if they get caught for or are thought to be selling it for consumption, rather than for bathing, they can get fined up to $40 k. So some vendors don’t bother with selling it. But what people do with the milk in their own homes is their own choice and their own right. You’re lucky raw milk is legal in your country. So many people seem to benefit from it, it’s a shame it isn’t legal here. You would think they would make something damaging to our health illegal, you know like smoking, but instead it’s raw milk thats banned.

I work at a health food shop so I get all my fresh fruit, veg and organic meats from there but if I didn’t I would definitely go to farmers markets more often (it is always so much cheaper). I’ve heard of lots of people buying raw milk straight from the farmer though which seems pretty cool.

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