Time To End The War On Fat?

by Charles on April 3, 2010

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A new must-read article has just been published at slate.com. It brings to light new and significant research that seriously calls into question the anti-fat orthodoxy of recent years. The idea that fat is “bad” is not settled science; in fact it’s just plain wrong.

Earlier we told you about a published article called Fat Is Where It’s At! detailing how the tide of opinion, both popular and scientific, has turned dramatically in favor of dietary fat. Now, a brand new article “End the War On Fat” is taking the next step and implicates excess carbohydrates in all the health crimes popularly blamed on fat!

It begins: “Thirty years ago, America declared war against fat. The inaugural edition of Dietary Guidelines for Americans, published in 1980 and subsequently updated every five years, advised people to steer clear of ‘too much fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol,’ because of purported ties between fat intake and heart disease.”

Well, what of those purported ties? They don’t exist. Indeed, we learn details of the  latest findings suggesting that saturated fat is “heart neutral.” The article then asks: “If saturated fat doesn’t adversely affect cardiovascular health, what does? Sorry, Nabisco: We should be giving a closer look to foods with a high glycemic index—a measure that reflects a food’s influence on blood sugar levels, based on how quickly it is digested and absorbed. Typically, that means carbohydrates like cereal, bread, chips, and cookies.”

So how about those dietary guidelines? The science exonerating fat and implicating excess processed carbs is there. The real question is, when will officialdom get the message, such that those who issue “official” dietary guidelines rewrite those guidelines to reflect the new science? Not any time soon. Unfortunately, it’s a bit like turning a ship on a dime, and here’s why:  “According to Meir Stampfer, a Harvard professor of nutrition and epidemiology who worked on the 2000 guidelines, scientists on this year’s committee know perfectly well what the evidence says. But few researchers want to shake the status quo or risk confusing the public.” Maddening, but there you have it. The government is not going to tell you these things, so you must learn the truth for yourself about fat and carbs. Read the entire article here. As of this writing, the article has 116 comments. Go read it and join the conversation!


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