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Uncovering Causes, Not Covering Symptoms”

Drugs typically suppress and or “control” symptoms without remediating the cause. The cause thus remains as the seed of additional problems and symptoms to be encountered down the road — for which additional drugs are then prescribed, and on it goes into a spiral of symptoms and drugs with the patient becoming fundamentally less healthy (as the drugs take a toll on the liver) and the drug manufacturer and physicians progressively more wealthy. This is not what nature intended, but with the endless drug ads on TV, online, in print media and everywhere else, one would never know that. Campaign for Real Health offers information about HOW the body works and the nutrients it requires TO WORK. In a more general sense, this site promotes the concept of a natural, nutrient-rich vitality as an alternative to the drug induced stupor in which so many exist.

“Real health is a naturally symptom-free state.”

With this in mind, the core assumptions underlying the material found on this site are 1. health is not merely the absence of symptoms courtesy of a palliative drug. REAL health is the natural absence of symptoms coupled to a naturally high level of energy, the ability to sleep, the ability to think clearly, a positive countenance, and a robust immune system which prevents disease, both minor and major. 2. REAL health can only be obtained by giving the body the nutrients it requires and this begins with a proper whole foods diet appropriate to the individual. 3. (A substrate of number #2) each individual is biochemically unique meaning that the percentages of proteins, fats and carbohydrates required can differ radically from one person to the next. In addition, each individual has certain unique nutrient requirements which, for example, in one person might translate into a need for a particularly large daily amount of a given nutrient which can only be supplied in supplemental form while in another person that nutrient must be avoided altogether. In sum, one size does not fit all. A persons biochemical functioning on the inside is as different as their appearance on the outside. Exact sizes and shapes of organs can and do differ radically and this affects function and ultimately, health. Moreover, most people have one or two organs which are especially weak or vulnerable and it is this weakness — when combined with lifestyle — which is often at the core of an individuals chronic health issues.  The organ(s) in question can be “supported” through targeted nutrition and supplementation resulting in an overall improvement in health status. Put another way,  Address the cause; the symptom resolves itself. A variety of testing modalities is available to determine ones individual nutritional needs in order to move towards real health.


to_blog_or_not_to_blogThe blog posts highlight both the good and the bad in the various worlds that make up medicine, nutrition, health and disease in order to provide a body of information that contributes to an understanding real health — a drug-free natural vitality. Blog posts may highlight health news stories, may present commentaries on medical news, perhaps explain basic body functions  such as digestion and organ function, explain what “real food” is and why processed chemical masquerading as food is detrimental, etc.

Personal Story:

Charles Welling, the author and webmaster of this site, is certified in Nutritional Therapy by the Nutritional Therapy Association of America. As is the case with many people who devote their lives to helping others with health issues, Charles faced numerous and often severe health challenges as a child. Beginning with poor dental health (an important sign of systemic physical weakness) his baby teeth were capped while still an infant. He also needed a leg brace to help him walk. books.jpegEventually followed every exotic malady in the book including among others,  Scarlet Fever,  German Measles and Mononucleosis. Finally, at the age of 16, having been described as looking like a “chicken getting ready to die,” Charles was taken to live with a Nutritional Scientist, Rheo H. Blair, for a period of several months. This experience reprogrammed his biochemistry and turned around his life. More information about Mr. Blair may be found in my blog about his life and work, here.




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